Srinika Narayan, MS, L.Ac

          Srinika Narayan, MS, L.Ac. has been in practice since 2002, and is owner of Prana Urban Healing Lounge. She provides the healing services of acupuncture and nutritional analysis. Srinika offers side-effect free solutions for common complaints such as: fatigue, back pain, depression, allergies, sleep disorders, digestive complaints, eczema, women’s health, and chronic illness.
          Srinika provides customized treatments for each individual, using the modalities she feels will best provide healing. Below is more information on Nutritional Analysis.

Nutritional Analysis

          Nutritional Analysis is a non-invasive health assessment system that can accurately determine the level of a body’s energetic health. I use the method of applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify stressed organs. From there I can determine potential toxic influences in the area, such as immunological challenges, as well as chemical and heavy metal burdens. Nutritional Analysis is a very helpful tool to uncover the underlying cause of many health conThis approach uses muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology, which takes the guesswork out of your care. Many conditions simply need some basic herbs or nutritional support to correct deficiencies and detoxify the body. Nutritional Analysis helps not only with identifying the cause of the problem, but also in prescribing the solution, which are usually in the form of whole food supplements or Chinese herbal formulas.