Nutrition & Healing Art

Elena Rokas, CNC, MFA

Elena Rokas, CNC, MFA, is a holistic Nutrition Consultant and graduate of UC Berkeley and Bauman College. She draws upon over 8 years of experience in creating customized nutrition and lifestyle plans based on individual health challenges, goals and biochemical individuality. Specialties include gut health and hormonal issues.
           Elena also enjoys drawing upon her unique abilities as an Intuitive Empath, as well as her fine arts background, to create vibrant healing paintings. These paintings can function as meditation aids, used to help clear blockages in one's life, or simply to bring more joy and color into one's space. Colors and symbols are chosen specifically to attune to each client's energy field and desired goals.
           If there is an area in your life where you feel stuck, or one in whih you would like a little boost to see more growth, book a free 10 minute consultation with Elena to discuss having your very own custom talismanic painting!

Talismanic Paintings:

Fortune & Blessings Talisman [sold]

Creative Passion Talisman

Healing & Renewal Talisman

Passion & Action Talisman

Success Meditation [sold]