Elena Rokas, CNC, MFA
elena@elenarokas.com www.elenarokas.com

          Elena Rokas, CNC, MFA, is a holistic Nutrition Consultant with a lifelong dedication to promoting self-healing and empowerment to others. Elena has over eight years of experience providing high quality nutritional counseling, offering her expertise with lifestyle and dietary changes to help individuals reach optimal health. Assessing medical history and biochemical individuality through health intake questionnaires, client interviews and lab test analysis, Elena then creates personal plans using a whole foods approach. She also combines her clinical background and knowledge of the human mind and body with her unique abilities as a Medical Intuitive, helping clients to discover and address the "invisible"" side of physical illness or imbalance.
           Elena earned her BA in Fine Art and Medical Ethnobotany at UC Berkeley, and received her Nutrition Consultant certification with Honors from Bauman College. Currently working towards her MFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Elena also loves to create custom paintings and artworks to assist clients in healing, meditation, abundance, love, prosperity and more.

Contact Elena for an in-depth Nutritional Analysis or to chat about having your very own Talismanic Painting:

Fortune & Blessings Talisman

Creative Passion Talisman

Healing & Renewal Talisman

Passion & Action Talisman

Success Meditation

Cosmic Owl